21st Century Mystery Shopping Software

- 100% Multi-lingual
- Shopper Booking, Scheduling and Payment
- Answer Collection
- Dashboard Reporting
- Extensive Query Functionality
- Social Media Business Intelligence
- User Training

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Online Survey Tools

RetailHawk can create on-line web surveys just as well as mystery shopping programmes. These can be used on their own or as part of a customers overall programme. They can be compared and trended with the mystery shopping results or reported separately within their own programme.

Some of our customers provide incentives like vouchers on completion or entry to a competition.

RetailHawk is flexible and copes with all scenarios, whether kiosk based for exit pollsters or random selection when a survey is attached to a website.


Business Intelligence

RetailHawk can display any of your results information from any programme in many different formats

We recognise that every client has different informational needs. Whether you want to report to executives who need an interactive dashboard, managers who want to drill to detail in an interactive report, an analyst who needs to explore and visualize data or a venu manager who simply wants a printable PDF of the highlights.

RetailHawk continue to update our dashboard reporting quite in order to give our customers all you will need to report your survey results.


Extensive Dashboard Reporting

Compare companies or venues mystery shopping results with Social Media content from Twitter or TripAdvisor and report the results all in one place on a client dashboard.


Management Information

MIS Query - allows virtually any graph to be created. You choose the x and y axis and the level of the report you want and then let the system generate the information. Graphs and tables can then be imported into Powerpoint or any other product and reported, printed and communicated