We will customise RetailHawk™ to meet your specific requirements

Site Theme: Branding and Styling

RetailHawk is completely whitelabel.  We are happy to customise the site colours and theme to meet your website design colours.  This can be changed through the Cascading Style Sheet [css] which is unique to your company account.

Although Retailhawk has a core system layout, certain aspects can be customised. We can change icons, colours, themes and some of the screen positioning to match your branding.

Bespoke Reporting Dashboards and Scorecards

We can build bespoke dashboard reports and scorecards for your account so that your clients can see the data in the format they are used to receiving.  We will happily try to match any existing reports that you currently produce for your clients so that they have a seamless integration into the RetailHawk system.

RetailHawk Customised Scorecard Example

Customised Scorecard Example

There are many scorecard designs.  Some clients like to have a bespoke design for each of their customers.

Customerised Scorecard 2

Customised Scorecard Example 2

Some have a standard corporate report format across the board.

Customised Scorecard Example

Customised Scorecard Example 3

We will customise the report interface as you request to meet your company’s standards.

Retailhawk: FULLY LOADED

We can provide clients with a fully customisable version or instance of Retailhawk.  This would be a complete version of the system running on separate servers, which could be amended in anyway you wish.

As RetailHawk is a shared system, there are some limitations on what can be customised. But each Fully Loaded system is unique, so we can create any feature you or your clients need.

For example, if you wish to have a completely different way of managing shoppers or a completely different security method which interacts or integrates with your existing systems, this could be the best approach for you.

For more information download our Features PDF »

Retailhawk: Source Code

Please call for details if you wish to purchase the source code