Advanced Features

Advanced Features of RetailHawk™ Mystery Shopping Software

Developers Features

RetailHawk Features

RetailHawk Features

There are several advanced features which you can use within the system, including:

  • API Access
  • XML Output
  • XML Input
  • Direct Integration
  • Brand Intelligence

API Access

Access data and insert data directly using our API programs. This allows you to import and export data from the system directly and in real-team.

XML Output

Output data in XML format so that it can be imported into other systems like SPSS.

XML Input

XML formatted data can be imported into the system directly. This may have come from systems like SPSS or from an advanced scanner e.g. where paper surveys are in use. We import this into a programme cycle and this data can be reported on both separately or together with existing data already in the system.

Direct Integration

We can write specific programs for you which will integrate directly with your existing systems. e.g. importing shopper data and visit data directly into SAGE, with the click of one button.

Brand Intelligence

A series of programs which allow you to do direct comparisons between shopper data and Twitter and other Social Media platforms

Data Aggregation

We can import your data from previous campaigns and past programmes and from any environment or competitor product and we can insert it into your RetailHawk Database. With this data you can run comparison reporting between all of your campaigns and get a clear view of all of your programmes, both old and new.

RetailHawk can also import ‘other’ forms of data which are not Mystery Shopping specific, e.g. direct customer complaints or help desk ticket volumes. We can then show you all of your data in one place on one dashboard so that you have only one place to visit to see all of your organisations information.