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About the RetailHawk™ Team

Bridgewater Internet Services
Bridgewater are an IT software development company who specialise in providing bespoke software solutions, mobile and desktop applications and web design services including e-commerce based sites. We build software for publishing companies, events companies, model agencies, research companies and many others!
Bridgewater was formed in 1998, when we built the first QZONE system for a mystery shopping company. We grew out of a company that Peter Robbins formed to perform consultancy work.  In 2001 Antony Robbins joined to head up the Development Department. Antony is now our CIO and Peter is the CTO.  Jules Armstrong joined in 2010 as the CEO.

Our head office is in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK and our development team work from our Leicester office.  We also now have offices in Delaware, US and Dubai, UAE.